How to Order

How to Order / Quick Guide

To help first time visitors at Fairco, a series of simple steps is listed below. Follow them to shop quickly and efficiently. Over a few purchases, you are bound to develop your own style:

Finding the Items you wish to buy:

Fairco is laid out simply as a series of categories. If you know the product you wish to purchase, just enter the relevant category using the links on the left of every page. We suggest that you to spend a few moments on the home page of Fairco. At a glance this will tell you all the new products as well as products that are on sale or have special offers. This will probably help you decide which section you wish to go to next. To help you locate your products faster across our selection of products, you can use our browse and search features: You can browse through products in different product categories using the links on the left panel. Once you find items that you wish to buy, you can click on the product for more details. If you know what you want, you can directly go to the product of your choice using the “Search” feature accessible from the top of every page on the store. To search for a product (say, 500GB SATA Hard Drive), just type "500GB" in the search box provided, and click 'GO'. This will display all the branded 500GB SATA Hard Drive.

Adding Items to your Shopping Cart

Once you are ready to purchase an item, click on the link “Add to Cart” next to it. This will add the product of your interest from the store into your own shopping cart. At this stage, if you have not signed in, we will ask you to enter your “Fairco” user id and password. If you don’t have a “Fairco” user id and password, you would be required to submit some simple details, including a Fairco user id and password of your choice. You will use the same user id and password for all your subsequent visits to Fairco. You can add as many items you require from any of our stores to your shopping cart in a similar manner. All stores of Fairco are just a click away and located at the top of your screen. Once you have finished adding items to your cart, you are now ready to check out. Just click on the “Shopping Cart " icon available on the right panel of every page of the store.


On the shopping cart page, you will use the Proceed to check out button, this will take you to the delivery address option.

Provide Delivery Details

You can provide an address or update the address where you wish the ordered items to be delivered.

Pay for your Order

You can pay for your order using credit and debit cards, or request for cash on delivery.

Confirm your Order

NNow you will be shown the summary of your order. Just confirm your order and enter the payment details to complete the ordering process. On the next page, you will be shown your order number. You will now be informed regularly on the status of your order by emails from Fairco.
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