Fairco sells wholesale for the following entities:
  1. Schools, Universities and all academic institutions
  2. Governmental & non-governmental institutions & organizations.
  3. International organizations
  4. Shops and other retail stores
We deliver to all our customers based on the following conditions:
  1. To individuals and other companies based in Beirut greater area, next day delivery for a minimum invoice of 30,000LL/TTC
  2. To individuals, companies and firms in large quantities all of Lebanon, to be discussed with our customer service section on the number: 01/817300 Ext. 108/109
Copy Center
All copy and print-on services and laser cutting/engraving are available. 
Please call 01/817300 Ext 102
  1. Print out B/W & colored on all kinds and sizes (IDs, A5, A4, A3, A2, A0, and A1 etc.) of paper and thicknesses (80g, 90g, 100g, 120, 135g, 250g, 300g)
  2. Photocopy B/W & colored on all kinds of paper and thicknesses.
  3. Lamination for documents and maps and posters.
  4. Binding: all kinds of binding (coil, plastic, thermal, soft etc.)
  5. Scanning of documents and pictures all sizes.
  6. Poster printing, all sizes and kinds of paper (coated, glossy, semi-glossy, vinyl, flex etc.)
  7. Roll up banners and signs.
  8. Canvas printing.
  9. Stickers and vinyl cut.
  10. Laser cutting and engraving (wood, balsa, paper boards, foam boards, Plexi, plastic)
  11. Stamps making
  12. Print on mugs, plates, T-shirts, caps, rocks, metal plates, stone, phone covers and many other flat surfaces.
  13. Digital Designs.
  14. Display stands.
  15. Print on Badges, pins and key chains.
  16. Plotting.
  17. 3D printing.
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